Need a drummer for an upcoming gig?

I have over 40 years playing experience, with all styles of music, and a ton of performances.
Take a look at my bandmix page:
There are some pics (not so exciting), sound samples of different songs I have played on cds, and a short bio.

Thanks for looking!


I offer on-site recording for small venues and events.
This is an affordable alternative to a full-blown studio, and can be very convenient for events such as:

  • A personal performance (e.g., a kid's piano recital to send to Grandma)
  • Small vocal performance or auditions (e.g., you want an mp3 of your or your group's vocals to put on the web)
  • Music videos for a band

I can record up to 16 tracks, and mixing is done with you, so you get exactly what you want.
The main advantage of this is that I can come to your home or place of performance, so you will be as comfortable as possible, and can concentrate on your performance, without the added stress of a different environment. It is simple, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Give me a call and tell me what you want, and I will help you decide if this is a good fit for you.

Phone: 970-690-5860